Youth Boosters

“Impact a Student for a Lifetime …and Beyond!”

Matt & Anthony happily painting pumpkins at the 2019 Norma Johnson Fall fest

August 3rd, 2018 yearly banquet @ Pangrazio’s. (Left to right) Hubert, Louise, Kaitlyn, Sandy, Karen, Jennifer (holding Michael), Gavin, Paul, Anthony R., Chrissy, Me, Anthony B., Maryanne, Bob, Trevor, Kathy, Jim.

The “Three Amigos” enjoying the pool at Camp Buckeye on the 4th of July 2018. Left to Right: Anthony, Anthony & Trevor.

Norma Johnson Fallfest



About Our Program…

The Youth Booster (YB) program provides positive adult role models to students who are in need of extra support and guidance …it provides them a well needed “BOOST!”

The YB mentoring program is designed to work with students 8-12 years of age who may be anxious, have low self-esteem, few friends, lack an adult support system, or may have difficulty functioning in the natural home and /or at school.

Since 1980, the YB mentoring program has relied on responsible adults in the community to serve as Boosters for the students who are awaiting help. The program is designed to offer a supportive one-on-one relationship which enables the student to achieve goals established by the program and his/her school and family. Monthly activities are planned for all students and Boosters to enjoy together.

The YB mentoring program was instituted in 1980 with the assistance of The American Association of University Women, and since then many children have benefited from the learning experiences, the fun activities and the summer camp opportunities. This program has proven to truly make a difference in the lives of many children …many times over!

Students in grades (3-6) throughout Tuscarawas County are referred to the program by their Guidance Counselors and Principals, with parental consent. The at-risk students are then matched with an adult who spends as much time with them as they can weekly. We pay our mentors an hourly stipend ($4) plus reimburse them for expenses (up to $25/month). Together they work toward individual goals (academic, social, spiritual, cultural, athletic, etc…) which are mutually devised by parents, school personnel and the program coordinator.

The “Youth Booster Coordinator”, plans and facilitates monthly (Saturday) activities for learning and fun, maintains ongoing contact with family, school personnel, and gives oversight to the mentoring and achievement goals.

Adult Boosters must be at least 20 years old, possess high integrity, a well balanced lifestyle plus a have a big heart for children. The young students could use your boost! We live in challenging times indeed and could use your help to impact future generations by paying it forward.

To volunteer as a Booster or to request more information, call 330-343-6012 or email [email protected]


YB – Application

YB – Student Overview

YB – Release of Information

YB – Presentation – All Ages (audio)

YB – Presentation – All Ages

Sexting article by KNOW (DFAA)


Monthly Events ————————————————————————————————-

TC Rescue Shelter – 2.16.19

Bowling – 1.26.19

Bird Feeder Workshop 10.27.18

Christmas Gift Workshop – 11.30.17

Birdwalk @ Stark Wilderness Center – October 2017

Akron Zoo – September 2017

Cabin Creek – June 2017

Faith Ranch – May 2017


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Anthony, Paul, Gavin, Karen and Kaitlyn on the observation dock at Stark Wilderness Center 10.21.17

Anthony “Tony”

Gavin, Kaitlyn and Anthony at the top of the “Observation Tower” on Saturday October 21, 2017










Our YB Board

  • Lynn Immel
  • Marcia Lile
  • Melody Rader
  • Chris Welsh
  • Louise Worsham (T4C Exec. Director)
  • Bill Shryock (YB Coordinator)