Youth Boosters – Program Description

The T4C mentoring program provides positive adult role models to children who are in need of extra support and guidance. . . a Boost!   Students in grades 2-6 throughout Tuscarawas County are referred to the Program  by their Guidance Counselors and Principals, with parental consent.  The at-risk youngsters are then matched with an adult who spends 2-4 hours weekly with the child.   Together they work toward individual goals which are mutually devised by parents, school personnel and the Program Coordinator.

The Youth Booster Coordinator plans and facilitates monthly group activities for learning and fun, maintains ongoing contact with family and school personnel, and gives oversight to the mentoring relationship and goal- achievement.

Our Program was instituted in 1980 with the assistance of The American Association of University Women,  and since then many children have benefited by the learning experiences, the fun activities,  and the summer camp opportunities.  The Youth Booster Program has proven to truly make a difference in the lives of many children, many times over.

Boosters must be at least 20 years old, mature of mindset, and reputable of character.  And equal to all,  have a heart for children.

To volunteer as a Booster or to request more information,  call 330-343-6012 or check us out on Facebook!