Healthy Choices for Youth

Healthy Choices for Youth is a classroom based curriculum with a lesson focus on abstinence from alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and premarital sexual activity.  It is particularly designed for middle school students (6th and 8th graders), and is taught in every school district in Tuscarawas County, both public and parochial.  A presenter is also available to provide special programs for local groups, organizations, and churches.

The program has been serving the schools and students, and the communities of Tuscarawas County since 1990.

6th Grade Healthy Choices for Youth Curriculum…

Sixth grade lessons and activities encourage the development of positive character and promote healthy choices regarding the topics of alcohol, drugs, tobacco use and premarital sexual activity.  Positive and negative consequences are discussed, with particular emphasis on tobacco use.   The curriculum offers ways to say “no” in real life situations on these four topics. In addition, sexual development, including anatomy, puberty, and conception are discussed.  In the context of self respect and respect for others, students are guided to acceptance and understanding of the physical and emotional changes occurring in their bodies. This topic is discussed in a gender-based setting.

8th Grade Healthy Choices for Youth Curriculum…

Eighth grade lessons and activities reinforce the development of positive character. Additionally, the lessons  promote the critical need for mature decision- making regarding  alcohol, drugs, tobacco and sex, with the primary focus on the latter. Both the physical and emotional consequences of premarital sexual activity are discussed. Topics  include:  setting limits, self-control, importance of communication, ways to handle peer pressure,  exploring current media traps, positive attitudes regarding a marriage relationship, realistic views of parenting, and teen parenthood.  Students are challenged to uphold a set of positive sexual values and to make a commitment to remain sexually pure and drug free.

The A-Team… 

A T-4-C  sponsored peer mentoring group consisting of high school students from local schools, present a drama during one of the classes to promote the benefits of sexual abstinence before marriage. Open discussion follows.

Part of this year’s A-Team cleaning up after the “Ties & Tiara’s” Daddy / Daughter Dance on 2/09/19