Emergency Assistance

The T-4-C Emergency Assistance Program is an outreach mission of our county. It was formed to centralize assistance to individuals needing help, who did not meet the criteria for assistance from Jobs and Family Services.  Our program also serves as a screening aid to churches in order to avoid duplication of services. The program  is currently funded by the Reeves Foundation, the 1st United Methodist Church, NP and individual donors.  If you need assistance or want to contribute to helping others, contact T-4-C by calling 330-343-6012 or email: [email protected]

The ways we help:

Assistance for people who are employed residents of Tuscarawas County. Applicant must show ID and proof of employment.  Assistance is available once every 12 months, depending on available funding.  You must have a valid, Tuscarawas County drivers license, proof of employment and NOT make more than $10 per hour. 

Assistance with electric, natural gas, or water/sewer  bills.   Help is available once every 24 months and must have a shut off notice.

We offer rental assistance, but you must first have an eviction notice.  You may apply only once within a 24 month period.

Assistance for people who apply for prescription help at Tuscarawas County  Job and Family Services (TCJFS) only.  T-4-C commits to funding on a per client basis.

Assistance for people who apply for help at TCJFS.   T-4-C commits to funding for perishable foods, diapers, formula, baby food,  etc.  just to tie them over till other sources are available or paychecks come in.