The A-Team is peer mentoring program offered to high school students who have committed to abstinence until marriage and to abstaining from alcohol, drugs and tobacco. The purpose of the A-Team is to  educate peers as to the risks of substance abuse and the consequences of premarital sexual activity.  DRAMA is the means by which they promote the message.
This program is coordinated by a professional T-4-C staff member who oversees monthly support meetings and coordinates scheduling.  Meetings offer the opportunity of getting updates on national statistics, preparing for promotionals on abstinence, and practicing skits that are presented to 8thgrade students in all the schools of the county throughout the school year. 
This has been a very successful educational tool of T-4-C  since 1990.Students are recommended to the program by guidance counselors, teachers and friends of members. An annual A-Team workshop is offered in August and current and alumni members are encouraged to attend.  A variety of guest speakers discuss topics such as marriage, dating violence, peer leadership, health issues, and drama.If you are interested in learning more about the A-Team or desire to support this mission, call 330-343-6012.